Finucane connection

You may have noticed that our own Irish history is vanishing out of memory in huge pieces, person by person.     Additionally we are always too busy to do anything about it.

So, please post to this blog and comment.

To start there’s a post from a clan descended from Thomas Finucane and Mary Shine.      Additional posts are from comments received over the years.

So read,  and comment.  If you wish to add a post please email me and I will make you a author/editor for  this blog (Rick and Mark already volunteered).

May the road rise to meet you,



Woulfe makes this name Ó Fionnmhacháin and says it is a rare Munster name of which he can find no early form.  It is found chiefly in Co. Clare, where the form Kinucane is recorded as having been used synonymously with Finucane.  This suggests that it is a Mac not an O name viz. Mac Fionnmhacháin or Mac Fhionnmhacháin.

2 Responses to Finucane connection

  1. Jim Finucane says:

    Music and love are the wings of the soul.


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